Worship Arts  Ministries

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Sis. Shikira Berks

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Flames of Worship are the gatekeepers! They are Levites assigned to facilitate conversation between heaven and earth in a worship setting. We aim to serve as spiritual compasses that direct the hearts of believers towards the presence of The Lord, while navigating atmospheres through song.


flames of worship

Waves of fire

flags & banner

Min. Shamara Henry

Waves of Fire Flags & Banners are the Levites who minister with the expressed intent of enhancing the atmosphere of worship when waved rhythmically or displayed prominently in service while music is sung or played.

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flames of fire

Dance Ministry

Min. Katrina Richardson

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Flames of Fire Dance Ministry are the Levites who utilize artistic movement to interpret the preached Word through dance. Their dance allows for the anointing to flow while using biblical principles as the foundation of understanding why the movement is important to God.


Silent Worship
mime Ministry

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Deaconess Lorita Williams

Silent Worship Mime Ministry is innovative and inspirational.  It’s a gateway to entertainment that complements the word of God by portraying biblical truths through dramatic presentations.


Drama Ministry

Min. Alicia Thompson

The Drama Ministry ministers to the believer as well as unbeliever through various plays and skits, making a connection between the audience with a story that brings out the circumstances of life and shows them that there is hope through Jesus Christ.


jurassic park

(tha band)

Bro. Hassan Martin

Hassan Martin

Jurassic Park are anointed minstrels who accompany all facets of the Worship and Arts ministry.


Other Ministries

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Media Ministry

Image by Laura Lee Moreau

The Media Ministry provides audio and video services for worship services and special events, both onsite and offsite, especially during Sunday Worship Services and Tuesday Night Bible Studies. We strive to serve our online worshipers with a “Real In-House Experience” that they feel like they are actually onsite with us.


Ruthann Johnson, Media Coordinator 


Deaconess Lorita Williams

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The Hospitality Team creates an atmosphere of fantastic friendliness and helpful hospitality for each and every worshiper and guest. We provide delicious refreshments and warm hospitality for our guests and members. We provide the space in the hospitality suite to meet, to greet, and to fellowship with the visitors on Sundays and for special events.


M.U.S.I.C. Men's ministry

Men United Standing in Christ (M.U.S.I.C.) Men’s Ministry endeavors to minister to the
total man by impacting their lives spiritually, physically, and intellectually. Our focus is to
transform the hearts and minds of men everywhere and empower them to walk
victoriously as Disciples of Christ, while making a godly impact on the world.

S.t.y.l.e. women's


Associate Pastor Damietta Jeffries

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Strong, Tenacious, Youthful, Loving, and Extraordinary (S.T.Y.L.E.) Women’s Ministry endeavors to create an atmosphere where women can realize spiritual maturity and
fellowship, develop their leadership skills, and minister in the local church, their community and the world. Annual Revivals and Retreats bring the women of Open Fire together to share their faith with other Christian women. Through worship,  study, and fellowship opportunities, the ministry seeks to help transform the mind, body, and spirit of every woman.


Singles ministry

Sis. Ashley Turner

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The Singles Ministry main goal is for singles to be complete and whole in every area of
their lives. Our motto is, “Seeking God First” (Matthew 6:33). We emphasize the
importance of developing a personal relationship with the Lord while single. Our edifying
fellowship, fun-filled activities, and group interaction promote the building of quality
relationships with others. We also offer specialized seminars and workshops. We
minster to persons 21 & older in our church or in the community who were never
married or are not presently married. Non-church members are welcome to attend all of
our events and activities.


Fan the flame marriage ministry

Min. Michael and Min. Tiffany Gibson


Fan the Flame Marriage Ministry is committed to the development, the encouragement
and the fulfillment of God-ordained covenant marriages and relationships. Ministering
covenant marriage, between a man and a woman that is Christ-centered. We are
a ministry that will create an environment and nurture growth in the areas of
communication, openness between spouses, a greater commitment to the success of
covenant marriage/relationship and how to fight and remain victorious over the attacks
of the enemy.


usher & greeter ministry

Min. Iesha Blunt

Image by Katie Moum

Upon entering Open Fire, ushers and greeters are the first people you meet. OFIF’s
ushers and greeters are committed to making your first contact with the church
pleasant. In welcoming you into God’s house and assisting and directing you during
worship, ushers are ministering angels to those who come to worship.


Ignite Children's ministry

Lyndsey Harrison

Children Praying

Ignite Children’s Ministry provides biblical educational opportunities for independently
walking children beginning at age 1 through 6th grade. We provide age appropriate
biblical teaching for all students. Each age group is exposed to the love of God,
displayed by caring volunteers who encourage and motivate students to develop a
deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Anyone who works with our children and youth
must first complete Safe Sanctuary Training which includes a background check.


f.i.y.a. youth ministry

Fire in Your Anointing Youth Ministry leads young people 12 thru 18 into a personal
relationship with God through Christ. We recognize the importance of developing,
inspiring, and affirming the next generation of spiritual leaders. Through creative and
interactive pedagogy designed to stimulate the learning process for 21st-century youth;
young people are engaged in a holistic, comprehensive Christian-based programming
approach, is designed to inspire our youth to build strong identities and fulfill their full
potential in Christ while empowering them to become fully engaged in reaching their
achievements and hopes for the future. Anyone who works with our children and youth
must first complete Safe Sanctuary Training which includes a background check.



Deacon Mose Williams

Mr Mose

The mission of the Security Ministry is to maintain an atmosphere where worshippers in
God’s house feel welcome, comfortable, and secure at all times. The ministry aims to
protect God’s spokesperson, and the parishioners of Open Fire.


Connect Ministry


The mission of the Connect Ministry is to set a pleasant tone for all who enter Open Fire
International Fellowship Church’s doors, this ministry is committed to deepening the
Christian experience of new and returning visitors for a life-long Christian involvement in
a supportive Christian environment. The Connect Ministry is devoted to making all
visitors feel welcome in the House of the Lord.