"He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds" (Psalm 147:3).


The Health and Wellness Ministry recognizes that the Lord uses and gives physicians wisdom and knowledge regarding the treatment of health and disease.  With this in mind, the goals and objectives of the Health and Wellness Ministry are to:


·         Glorify and lift up the name of Jesus in all that we say and do because we are a faith-based ministry of the Church;

·         Provide resources for the congregation and their loved ones living with chronic illnesses through prayer, support groups, counseling, etc.;

·         Provide at least one workshop designed for the Open Fire family to study what God’s Word says about health, healing and illness;

·         Make sure healthy foods are prepared for all gatherings the Church sponsors;

·         Provide healthy lifestyle educational sections in our church bulletin and pamphlet rack;

·         Recruit and retain knowledgeable, spirit-filled and committed members that respond effectively and in a timely manner to the health needs of the congregation; 

·         Identify and solicit the resources necessary to carry out the activities of the Health and Wellness Ministry;

·         Identify and respond to grants to fund activities and training for church members;

·         Promote the wellness and health of the congregation (adults, young adults, teens and children);

·         Work closely with those members in the congregation who work in the health care industry; and provide domestic violence prevention and grief training. 


Health and Wellness Ministry

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